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Nick Newton

Cousellor - Maths & Physics

Nick has more than 32 years of teaching experience in which he taught Information Technology subjects at a University as an Asst. Professor for about 15 years. In addition, he taught advanced Maths and Physics to high-school and college students as a tutor for about 17 years. His expertise is in Artificial Intelligence (neural nets), Discrete Mathematics, Fuzzy Logic, Algorithm Design and modern college Physics. He acquired Master of Philosophy (Artificial Intelligence), Master of Engineering (Computer Technology) and Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degrees. Also, he is a Certified Quality Test Engineer, Certified Project Manager and a Quality Lead Assessor. He has written three books in computers and several technical papers. During last 16 years, he worked in private and public services in New Zealand and Australia as a Senior Consultant in Software Quality. He is an honorary faculty at Newton Classes for advanced Mathematics and College Physics.

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